Georges Sara
Georges Sara Director
A former Dental Technician and laboratory owner, specialising in ceramics, acrylics, dental implant restorations, materials technology and CAD CAM technology.
Sayde Sara
Sayde Sara Director
Darren Littlefair
Darren Littlefair Chief Technical Officer
Mechanical engineer specialising in CAD CAM technology, software design and development, manufacturing technology and system analysis and design.
Lewis Sara
Lewis Sara Education and Support Services
The original developer of the Stoneglass Zirconia milling strategies. Responsible for scanning, CNC operations and technical support and training.
Jessica Mitri
Jessica Mitri Dentabite Designer
Dentabite specialist responsible for the scanning, Dentabite design and customer support.
Shane Begovic
Shane Begovic Software Engineer
Specialising in software architecture design and development.
Yuri Lee
Yuri Lee Dental Technician
Seung-Ju (Anna) Lee
Seung-Ju (Anna) Lee Dental Technician
Sung Do (Roy) Bang
Sung Do (Roy) Bang Dental Technician